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Dianne Hadaway

It all started with a love for sewing.

I was practically born with a needle and thread in my hand!

My lovely mama, Tommie Jean, taught me basic embroidery stitches at age four. By age eight, I was making my own clothes. I have sewn everything from aprons to draperies to wedding gowns over the years!

My dear Mama passed away when I was 14, but when I am sewing and creating, she is always with me. Mama's Pocketbook is dedicated to her and all that I do is inspired by her and the creative gifts she shared and inspired me to develop. I can still feel her poking me in the shoulders and telling me to sit up straight as she inspects my seams! Thanks Mama!

Mama's Pocketbook
I tried my hand at making fabric purses in 2002 after a friend saw a fabric purse at a fall festival that she loved, but being the mother of four kids she wouldn't indulge herself that purchase. So, I surprised her by making a fabric purse for her of my own design in her favorite colors. It was so much fun and I was hooked. I started making purses for myself and my daughter, and more friends and soon I was getting orders from referrals all over town.

In May 2006, I decided to create my business of purse-making and sewing other fun accessories and soft home furnishings. I named my new venture "Mama's Pocketbook" to honor my mother, and because of my early fascination with my own mama's pocketbooks. I think every child is enchanted with the contents of her mother's purse. My mother's pocketbook always held small treasures and I loved the potpourri of scents ... the spearment gum, her Wind Song perfume and even the smeall of her Salem cigarettes, all that wafted from within whenever I would sneak my little hand in to grab a stick of gum or to snag a dime.

My daughter, Lauren, also inspired the name Mama's Pocketbook. She has always been my natural marketing genius! She used to love to tell people that I made my own pocketbooks and gush "Don't you LOVE my Mama's pocketbook? It's so cute! My mama made it, she makes all kinds of pocketbooks!" (heh, SHE's so cute!) So the name was perfect!


Vintage, Romantic, Floral, Shabby Chic... All Things Pretty!
I still have some of the fabrics my mother collected and they are still stored beautifully in her antique cedar chest. These fabrics have always inspired me. I love working with vintage and current floral decorator fabrics and I'm always on the lookout for beautiful vintage fabrics to add to my collection and for my one-of-a-kind and limited edition pocketbooks. Almost every item I make incorporates a bit of my vintage fabric or unique fabrics from quilts, and linens, mixed with current decorator florals, stripes, damasks, and other texturally interesting materials. Each and every one of my designs is individually handcrafted by me in my smoke-free, pet-free in-home studio.

I enjoy contrasting vintage and new fabrics and adding trims, embroidery, beads, buttons, tassels, flowers, jewelry and other findings to create a uniquely feminine look and feel with practical usability. I add function and style with multiple pockets, magnetic key fobs, and other options that help keep everything organized and accessible.

You'll love the quality and workmanship I put into everything I make. I meticulously construct my pocketbooks with layers of fleece and flannel interfacings for stabilty, shape and strength. Mama's Pocketbooks are made to be used often and for years to come!

Our Growth - What an Adventure!

Since I started Mama's Pocketbook in back in May 2006, it's been as if a force of nature took over my life! I love being creative, I love my work and can't wait to get to it every chance I get, for as long as possible, I'm often designing and sewing well into the night!

I have had so much fun stretching myself, pushing out of my comfort zone and really figuring out what I want from this business and how I want it to grow. One big thing I've learned is that it pays to take chances ... to be bold and put myself out there in ways I never imagined I could.

Notable Events:

Spring 2007- Mama's Pocketbook won the MSN Business Breakthrough Challenge II finance division business makeover award! MSN provided Mama's Pocketbook with a $10,000 custom business solution that helped me take my business to the next level.

August 2007- Added Amy Butler products including fabric by the yard, ready-made Amy Butler purses, and sewing patterns, and in 2008 I began creating our very popular purse making kits with Amy's patterns and fabrics!

March 2008 - I was seleted to participate in Country Living Magazine's event "Pitch Your Product". It was a thrill to travel to Chicago and be among those honored with this wonderful opportunity and learning experience. It was highly motivating and I met and formed lasting friendships with many amazing, creative women

2009 - 2010 proved to be a challenging years for everyone in business. Somehow we weathered the beginnings of the economic crisis. Thanks to our wonderful, loyal customers things continued to stay afloat here at Mama's Pocketbook.

2011 - 2014 brought personal life changes and challenges that impacted my overall productivity and rendered a whole new path for me and my children. Looking back the changes became blessings. The storms revealed new paths and strengths. Reluctantly I had to take a break from creating for a while, but I managed to keep Mama's Pocketbook alive while I went to work in June of 2011 for Jo-Ann Fabrics and Crafts as the Education Coordinator in the Gainesville, GA store.

Present - I love working at Jo-Ann's and after putting my life back together and being blessed with the love and support of my husband, Kim, we now live, love and work in Columbus, GA. I am happy in every way and amazed at how God moves in my life to guide me to bigger and better ways of living, giving, loving, and creating. I enjoy my work at JoAnn Fabrics here in Columbus, and am thrilled to be focusing once again on building the Mama's Pocketbook brand and with bringing you our new brand called Prissy Gypsy!

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Giving Thanks

I praise God, My Heavenly Father, for the constant abundance of gifts and blessings my family and I receive.

I'm very blessed and when you buy one of my purses or other creations, you will be receiving a part of the joy and love that is all around me. I bless every item I make with special prayers for the receiver!

I am so thankful for my family, my fiance Kim supports me in every way and we are blessed with our blended family of 2 sons and 2 daughters and 4 grandchildren whom we adore and our 3 dogs who are the most spoiled dogs ever!

My life is a rich tapestry woven with work that revolves around the things I love most - family, home, creating, sewing, painting, decorating and dreaming

Thank you for indulging me the chance to say how I got here, but enough about me now! I hope you will find something here that excites you and speaks to your soul. If you do, snag it while you can! (GRIN)

Thank you to all my wonderful customers and visitors and to my followers on Facebook and Pinterest! I love and appreciate you all!

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