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Sew Your Own Tote Kits
Free Tote Pattern
Design and Make your Own Tote!

You pick the fabrics and I'll include a printed copy of my free "Tote" Tote Pattern Instructions!
The instructions are super easy to follow and user friendly.
Our Sewing Kits make it SEW easy for you to make your own great tote bags and come with all the materials needed.
You need only supply the thread! Consider the Upgrade Kit to receive additional tutorials and finishing materials to give your tote a professional finish.

Its a great way for you to create your own tote easily, with a complete kit of materials of your choice of our gorgeous fabrics

The BASIC TOTE KIT contains everything listed below. This includes a printed copy of the pattern instructions. The pattern is on the website as well, but this makes it easier to get to work on your kit as soon as it arrives!)

Add on Kit - Additional magnetic hardware, rigid bottom material, and instructions for upgrading your tote.

You may choose any combination of fabrics. Choose your first fabric for the outer body and handles, a second fabric for the tote lining & pocket lining, and a third fabric for contrasting pockets if desired. There will be enough fabric in your second selection to make the pockets and pocket lining with if you only want to use two fabrics. You can also choose just one fabric for all. It's all about choices!

  • 1 Printed Mama's Pocketbook Pattern and Instructions, with photos, for making your Tote.(Full Kit Only)

  • Your choice of fabrics for the exterior, lining and pockets of the bag from the list of fabric choices shown below.

  • 3/4 yard of 1st choice fabric for the exterior body, and handles includes extra for matching and centering)

  • 1/2 yard 2nd choice fabric for the tote and pocket lining

  • 12" of 3rd choice fabric for the contrasting pockets lining (optional)

  • 3/4 yard fusible fleece interfacing for body and handles to add structure

How To Order:
1. Choose Exterior Body Fabric
2. Choose Lining Fabric
3. Choose Contrast Pocket Fabric (if wanted)
4. Enter Quantity
5. Click Add to Cart Button

PLEASE READ - All fabrics have been updated as of May 14, 2015!!

To keep prices low on these kits, some fabric choices offered are ordered from the manufacturer upon receipt of your order. In stock fabrics are marked with a "A" (for available). Other choice may require as much as a week for me to receive before shipping the kit. These kits are very popular so inventory fluctuates daily. Please email me if you need a rush on your order and I'll get right back to you to let you know what I can do. Thank you!


Basic Tote Kit

Choose Any of the Fabrics Shown Below

1. Exterior Body & Handle Fabric

2. Tote & Pocket Lining

3. Contrast Pocket Fabric (optional, there will be ample fabric for the pockets in your other 2 choices if you don't want a third fabric choice)


Add to

Tote Upgrade Add On Kit
Price : $10.00

The Add-On Kit contains:

1. One nickle magnetic snap closure

2. Pre-measured rigid fusible plastic mesh to create a removeable bottom insert, and instructions for creating the covered insert.
3. Velcro to attach the bottom inside the bag

4. Instructions for attaching the magnetic snaps (two options) .
5. Bonus: Instructions for adding a tabbed closure that velcros to the outside of the tote on the front.
6. Printed instructions for making a boxed bottom.


Tote Add On Kit
Price $10.00

Amy Butler Ivory Tree PeonyAmy Butler Apricot Oxford StripeAmy Butler Martini Blush
Ivory Tree PeonyApricot Oxford StripeBrown Lacework

French Bouquet Pink Lavender Paisley Green Blue

Birds on a Tree Jacqueline Floral

Green Berries (Mustard) Swirly Gray Blue

Blue Ombre Chevron Packed Daisy Blue

Sperry Aqua Packed Daisy Pink

Funky Florals Butterflies Zebra

Kimberly Small Floral Oil Slick Purple

Amy Butler Grandiflora Maroon Pink Temple Garland

Blue Green Stripe Floral Black White Paisley

Robyn Pandolph Flirt Pink Black Paisley

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